Thursday, May 17, 2018

Our ecosystem explanation writing!!

Since term 1 we have been working on our healthy ecosystem, explanation writing. Our learning intention was to use the correct structure for a explanation. In our explanation we wrote about what an ecosystem needs, what is in a ecosystem and the threats to a ecosystem. A healthy ecosystem needs a producer, consumer, decomposer, inorganic matter and organic matter. Without those things the ecosystem with be unbalanced. I enjoyed writing our explanation because I think that I did well describing the roles of the producers, consumers, decomposers, inorganic and organic matter. I think I could work on finishing it earlier. Here is my piece of writing:

What is a ecosystem?

The parts
A healthy ecosystem consists of both inorganic (non living)
and organic matter (living).
These inorganic and organic are place holders
to keep a ecosystem from tumbling.
Inorganic and organic matter work together.
The balance of the ecosystem relies on inorganic and
organic matter.

There are many different parts of an ecosystem and each
one helps each other to survive and keep the ecosystem
from getting damaged.
Those things are producers, consumers and decomposers.
Producers are important to feed the consumers.
An example of a producer is kelp.
It soaks up energy from sun and rain and when
eaten the consumers get energy.

In a ecosystem there are different types of consumers.
There are herbivores (which eat producers),
carnivores (which eat other consumers),
Omnivores (which eat a mixture of both consumers and
producers) and finally there are scavengers
(which eat leftover food from other fish).

Decomposers break down dead material.
An example of a decomposer is bacteria.
These decomposers are a type of burial team for fish.

An unbalanced ecosystem

Some ecosystems are strong ones and can rebalance
after a minor change in their ecosystem.
Although a small and quite fragile one is easy to tip over.
All fish depend on a healthy ecosystem.
A kina barren is when people overfish
(because fish eat kina) and then the kina population
explodes and they munch all the kelp which can be
harmful to baby fish because they have no place to hide
and develop into adults.

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