Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Day three of summer learning journey: It's all in the family

Activity 1: The more, the merrier?
I  would want to have a little family because a big family is super chaotic. (I have three baby siblings and they are cute but annoying!) Here is a photo of me, my mum and my brothers:

Here is a funny photo:

Activity 2: Acknowledging Ancestry
Ko Maungataniwha Te Maunga
Ko Tapapa Te Awa
Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua Toku Waka
Ko Ngapuhi Toku Iwi
Ko Tekohatutaka Toku Hapu
Ko Mangamuka Toku Marae
Ko Kawakawa, New Zealand Ahau
Ko Jasmine Toku Matua
Ko Taleisha Toku Ingoa
I didn't know my toku tipuna.

Bonus activity: Fun Family Facts
My mum,
Fact 1: She is a really great make up artist.
Fact 2: She gave birth to me when she was 17!
Fact 3: She is 28

My Granddad,
Fact 1: Even though he is retired he still tutors.
Fact 2: He is 76!
Fact 3: He has never had chewing/bubble gum.

My Nana,
Fact 1: She is very talented with poi.
Fact 2: Even though she is 73 she still works but not full time.
Fact 3: She is really (REALLY!) clean.


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  1. Kia Ora Taleisha,

    I love the photos you've included of you and your Whanau! It looks like your mum must have a very busy household with you four! I also have three siblings, I have two sisters and a brother.

    Thank you for sharing your pepeha with me, I have learnt from it that we come from the same Iwi, Ngapuhi!

    I also loved learning more about your Mum, Grandad and Nana. They sound like very awesome people! I can't believe your Grandad is 76 yet he has never had chewing gum, is there a reason he hasn't?

    Ka pai Taleisha, I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog posts soon.

    Nga mihi