Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Cool Fidget Spinner Art!!

Should we be allowed to have fidget spinners in our classes?

Hi there. My name is Taleisha and I think that fidget spinners should not be allowed to be in classes because they distract fellow students. (Here are my reasons)

Firstly, they are a distraction to people if they are doing work or tests. The noise annoys other kids and they can’t focus.

Secondly, they are addictive and used when we are supposed to do work and when the teacher comes and checks your work you have nothing.

Thirdly, when people say they calm people when they are stressed or angry I think (Obviously) that is just a rip off. It just gets people addicted.

Fourthly, they cost money (Boo!!!) and sometimes they can be a bit expensive. The reason why people make inventions is because of joy and MONEY!

For these reasons I think that fidget spinners should not be allowed in classes.

Last week Te Ngahere and Te Maunga got to make fidget spinner art (WALT: Use space, crayon and dye). We were also going to write a persuasive piece of writing (WALT: Use parentheses). The prompt was ‘Should we be allowed to use Fidget Spinners in our classes.’

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