Tuesday, March 7, 2017

My awesome vibrant tangelo story!!!

Tuesday 21st February 2017 Image result for images of a tangelo

The sticky tangelo.

The tangelo looks as vibrant as a mini orange ball. It has bumps here and there  and in the middle is a green spike at the tippy top.  

It is as smooth as glass with little bumps in between, it is super shiny and glistens in the light. I press my fingers against it to find it is full of yummy juice.  

It smells so sweet and also has a leafy smell. When I opened it, it smelt as sweet as candyfloss.  

The sound of me peeling the skin sounded like a little ripping noise, ‘ Rippppppp’. You have to put it close to your ear to hear the noise.

The best bit is tasting it. As soon as you put the segment full of yummy juice into your mouth, it explodes with this sour juice, like a lemon. The taste is so sweet and you go to lick your fingers to make sure you pick up the juices left behind. Slurrp!  The juices are as sour as a lemon and they make your taste buds tickle. Yum!!!

The End.

TaleishaImage result for images of a tangelo
My reflection for the tangelo.

Monday 6th March 2017

For writing we were learning how to add in descriptive language and language features. We also used the five senses EG: felt, smelt, looked, tasted and sounds like.

Our success criteria was to add in descriptive languages and features to make our writing better.

I need to work on adding more language features like metaphors and alliteration.

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