Tuesday, November 14, 2017

My awesome creative piece of writing about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

2 weeks ago in Te Ngahere we did creative pieces to fit in our topic for reduce, reuse, recycle. We also did persuasive pieces of writing to persuade our reader to stop using plastic bags. My language features that I needed to learn is Similes, Metaphors, Onomatopoeia and Adjectives. I think I did well in using all these languages features. I think I do need to use them a bit more. Here is my writing:

Tuesday 2nd November 2017
The sea rescue

Moral: Don’t dump fishing nets other wise fish and marine life will get trapped!

Splash! “Hi! My name is Luna! I am a mermaid! I have a story to tell. I was saved by human beings. It was all because of plastic and fishing nets”. (Not Luna) Let’s begin.

Luna swam in never ending crystal clear water. Not a piece of rubbish in sight. Luna paddled with fish,  jumped with dolphins until, she came across a strong current and it was carrying only one thing: PLASTIC. Luna tried to swim away but got caught in fishing net. Crash! The wave swept her away like leaf in the wind. She was tied up like a baby bundled up in a blanket. She was a frozen statue.  She struggled to get untied and she finally fell into deep sleep after struggling for hours on end.

She drifted ashore. She was as still as statue. Finally, a boy and his father (The father’s name was Johnny and Finn was the boy) were gathering there fishing gear and walked straight into the mermaid. They started at her in wonder. They then stared at each other and decided they had to do something. They started to untangle her. They did this swiftly and carefully so they don’t accidentally cut the mermaid. They soon untangled Luna. Suddenly, Luna woke up and screamed “Ahhh!!!”. She started at the pair. Everything turned to a  stand still. Then she looked down and saw that the net was untied. She smiled at the pair and thanked them. “Thank you, Thank You! I am so glad I was untangled from that net. I better go now. Goodbye!” With that she took off but then she waved the pair and they waved back. “Wow!” said Johnny. “Finding a mermaid on the beach and saving her! This is the most coolest day ever!” “Agreed!” said Finn. They dashed back home to share the story with friends and family.  

“That is the end of my adventurous story!” said Luna. “See ya!” and with that she dived to the depth below.

The end!  

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