Monday, June 26, 2017

Making Yummy Ice Cream!!!!

WALT: Write a recount and metaphors

Making YUMMY ice cream

On Friday 16, Te Ngahere made ice cream. We had to go into pairs. My buddy was Yuktha and we had to work together to make the ice cream.

Firstly, we got two bags, one small and one large. We then put cream, sugar and vanilla essence in the smaller bag.

Next, we put the freezing ice and gritty salt in the bigger bag and we had to put a lot of salt. 6 tablespoons!!!!

Then, we put the cream in the big bag of salt and went outside and shook it until the ice cream was ready to eat. The bag was a freezing ice block. But while we were shaking, the bag popped. The ice went everywhere!

Later, we got to eat the ice cream! The ice cream was so sweet and yummy! It spilt everywhere but nobody cared! We were all eating delicious ice cream!

The End!!!!

(By Taleisha)

Reflection:On Friday 16th June we made Ice Cream because we finished our learning plans in ten minutes (we were learning to manage our learning and help other students if they needed help). I was making ice cream with my buddy Yuktha. In the end it all turned out as yummy ice cream!

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